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About Union Garage

At Union Garage, motorcycles are our passion. Whether it is a simple repair or a complete fabrication, we are committed to providing the very best in service, skill, and attention. Every project is our most important project. Built upon a foundation of talent and trust, we are dedicated to making motorcycles and making our clients happy.

Motorcycle Repair / Fabrication

Powder Coating

Vapor Blasting


Powder Coating Available

Rims, equipment, accessories. We can service all of your powder coating needs.

  • Rims
  • Equipment
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Or any of your powder coating needs

Now Offering Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting is the safest process to clean your surfaces. Reasonably priced, and right here in Sarasota.

  • Like New Finish
  • Clean/Restore Plastic & Rubber Parts
  • Prep Surfaces for Restoring
  • Customize Surface Finish
  • Safe on Most Substrates
  • Gun Cleaning
  • Motor Parts
  • Car and Motorcycle Rims

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